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                            Inner Loyalty

        "Ichigo…" whispered a voice from within the darkness.

        A teenager boy with orange hair and wearing his black Shinigami outfit woke from his sleep and found himself within his inner world. The inner world was his sword spirit home. A sea of skyscrapers covered the world as Ichigo looked on.

        "Zangetsu? Is that you?" called out Ichigo as he found himself on the side of a skyscraper "Why did you call me here!? Zangetsu!?" shouted Ichigo as he didn't found Zangetsu anywhere.
        Ichigo quickly turned around as he heard her voice. Standing before him and crying, was Orihime, one of his good friends from the world of the living.

        "Orihime!? Why or how are you here?" questioned Ichigo as he step forward "What's going on? Why are you crying?"

        "STAY AWAY!" screamed the orange hair girl, as she step away from Ichigo "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!"
        Ichigo was surprised by this reaction from her and wanted to ask why she was acting like this but he quickly seen it her eyes. Within her eyes was great fear…the same fear he saw when she saw him in his hollow form. Ichigo look down and could see his reflecting from the skyscrapers window.

        "…no." whispered Ichigo as he fell to his knees.
        Within the reflecting, Ichigo saw his full hollow self. He now knew why Orihime feared him.
        Ichigo raised his hand to Orihime in hopes she won't leave him but his hopes were dash, as Orihime just vanished into thin air. Soon voices from his others friends started to echo around him as his body started to turn pure white.

"We must kill him!"


"Stay away from him!"
        Ichigo sadness soon turned to hate as he screamed to the heavens "SHUT UP!" as he look down to the window, his inner hollow appeared and smiled.

        "See! Why stay loyal to them, when they will fear you because of your powers?" smiled Inner Ichigo as he slowly creep into Ichigo body "Let me in, Ichigo!"

        "DON'T LISTEN TO HIM, DUDE!" shouted a strong female voice from behind.
        Ichigo turned around and was completely shock by what he saw. Standing there was a blue pony with wings and had a rainbow mane and tail.

        "Who the heck are you?" question Ichigo as he did a sweatdrop "An offspring of Sonic the hedgehog and the flag of the gay pride parade?"
        "I have no idea what you said but listen up!" smiled the pony as she soar into Ichigo chest and vanish "I'm Rainbow Dash! And you shouldn't believe this foal!" said Dash within Ichigo's mind.
        All of a sudden, Inner Ichigo was force out of Ichigo as Rainbow Dash soar out with him. As Dash and Inner Ichigo landed, Ichigo color returned as the whiteness faded away.
        "Your friends will always stay loyal to you! No matter what!" smiled Dash as she face Ichigo "As long as you stay loyal to them and yourself!"

        Ichigo stood up from the floor and stared to the sky as a tear ran down his cheek. He felt dumb for even believing his friends will leave him. As he faced Dash and his inner self, he spoke "Thank you, Dash…" with that, he summoned his sword and very powerful spirit energy started to form around him as he shouted "BANKAI!"
        Inner Ichigo summoned his version of his sword and was about to do bankai but something stop him…he started to laugh as he saw Ichigo.
        "WHAT THE HELL!" shouted Ichigo as his long black jacket and black daito (Japanese long sword) was now rainbow color.
        "You look so AWESOME!" squeak Rainbow as she did "/)^3^(" face to Ichigo "You're 20% cooler now!"
        Before he could say something, his inner self, now in his bankai form, came at him.

        "LET'S DO THIS!" roar Rainbow as her and Ichigo charged at their attacker.
        Before they could clash with each other, an old man voice could be heard.
        Ichigo quickly opened his eyes and quickly block his father kick as he rose from his bed.
        "STOP WAKING ME UP LIKE THAT!" shouted Ichigo as he kicked his father out of his room and into a wall.
        As the school day ended, Ichigo was heading home through the market place. As he almost exited the area, something caught his eye from a little stand. As he stared at the item that caught his eye, the dealer removes her sunglasses and smiled.
        "You want it?" said the red hair dealer as she held up the item "Is it for your girl?"
        Ichigo said nothing and bought the item and tied the rope that was hanging from the item, to his cell phone and before he left, he answered the dealer "…just remembering a friend."
        The dealer just smiled and waved goodbye as Ichigo left. Hanging from his cell phone, was a tiny Rainbow Dash.

The end
My one-shot(for now :) )fic for MLP-WTG. this week theme is "Write about a pony having a dream, and how they react to it when they wake up". well i went with the crossover version. i think this fic could have been better but oh well.

preview pic by Dirytabs(ah-darnit) [link]

if you like it, you can find more of my pony-related fics here: [link] under the pen name as Hyperion.
Just10L Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
I can imagen this in the manga that be funny as hell.
JimRaynorHyperion Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
thx :)
Just10L Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
your welcome
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